Glenview Brick Paving

As both a Unilock Authorized Contractor and an ICPI Certified Installer, we can guarantee that all of our installations will meet the highest industry standards.


3D Brick Paving Co. provides its customers a comprehensive scope of brick paving services. We are recognized as the foremost brick paving company in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. 3D Brick Paving Co.’s expertise spans over 40 years, making us the most logical choice when clients are in need of residential or commercial brick paving. You are sure to be thoroughly pleased with your 3D Brick Paving Co. experience. No job is too large or too small for us! If you compare 3D Brick Paving Co. with the competition, you definitely won’t want to leave your brick paving to chance by working with an amateur brick paver. Our staff has been involved in brick paving in the Chicagoland region for more than four decades. You will have one of our highly qualified brick paving professionals working with you from the get go! The staff at 3D Brick Paving Co. always goes all out for customer satisfaction – starting with the free estimate we provide for our customers! All of us at 3D Brick Paving Co. are anxious to be the first choice for brick paving with Glenview residents. Whether you are thinking about having us install that wonderful brick patio you’ve always coveted, or the brick driveway your spouse has been talking about or the brick walkway that will pull the whole scheme together, 3D Brick Paving Co. can help.

Glenview Brick Paving

Glenview, Illinois has a population of around 45,000 residents and is located in Cook County 18 miles north of Downtown Chicago. Glenview is known for having a vibrant business community. Many Glenview businesses and homeowners have become customers of 3D Brick Paving Co. because we are highly regarded for our commercial and residential brick paving services. They well understand that brick patios, brick driveways and brick walkways can be some of the most difficult projects to undertake, and that they can count on 3D Brick Paving handle these daunting and intimidating projects. Glenview homeowners are not inclined to permit amateur contractors such an important job as paving their elegant homes’ brick patios, brick driveways or brick walkways. 3D Brick Paving Co. recommends that customers never gamble on an important decision like brick paving. We recommend you hire only professionals for all of your brick patio construction, your brick driveway renovation or the installation of a new brick walkway. 3D Brick Paving Co. has been serving Glenview customers for many years. In fact, our reputation for service, expertise, quality workmanship and value is evident with each and every one of our brick paving installations.

Glenview Brick Patios

When faced with the prospect of a brick paving project, selecting the right brick paving contractor is probably the most important decision you will make. 3D Brick Paving Co. has served Glenview clients throughout the years, and we have firmly established a reputation for credibility, respect and honesty. As a leader in the brick paving industry, 3D Brick Paving Co. offers an unmatched level of service and follow-up with our clients, in our ongoing pursuit of product knowledge and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s a brick patio, brick driveway or brick walkway, you can be assured that 3D Brick Paving Co. will take pride in delivering only the best results and at competitive prices. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is 3D Brick Paving Co.’s number one priority! Best of all, 3D Brick Paving Co.’s mission is to provide its customers with the most professional brick paving service and most affordable prices available. To learn more about our remarkable brick paving, call us, today, at: (847) 297-7966.



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