South Barrington Brick Paving

As both a Unilock Authorized Contractor and an ICPI Certified Installer, we can guarantee that all of our installations will meet the highest industry standards.


3D Brick Paving Co. is located in the Chicago area and is considered to be among one of the most reputable and trusted brick paving places in the area. A family owned and maintained company, 3D Brick Paving Co. has the demonstrated track-record and realistic knowledge to design, style and install your brick paving or one-of-a-kind brick patios, fascinating brick walkways, or brick driveways. 3D Brick Paving Co. located in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area and is viewed as a top contender in the brick paving field since 1972 when it comes to the installment of brick pavers, retaining wall systems, and natural stone for the business oriented and residential markets. Thanks to when it comes to our clients’ plans into the works of great art they expected they would very well be, we are regarded as acquiring the kind of focus for our dedication and detail to great workmanship. Our greatly regarded customers will still uncover fantastic joy and excitement while carrying on a brick paving venture that has design sincerity and resilience, not forgetting being pleasantly satisfying and nearly repair and hassle free because 3D Brick Paving Co. handles it all. 3D Brick Paving Co. has a vision to grant the biggest of quality for installation and products that will mix with our clients’ exclusive priorities and their needs too. Every single one of our unique and original installations isn’t just an outward exhibition of 3D Brick Paving Co., but is additionally an interpretation of our each and individual client. We always opt to make sure every one of our customers the greatest in customer achievement. On that basis, we would like to give you a manufacturers’ guarantee that will last a very long time on nearly all of our unique products, and also we will provide our valued customers a 5-year unconditional labor assurance, also. It really is no question why 3D Brick Paving Co. is South Barrington’s first and preferred choice.

South Barrington Brick Paving

South Barrington, Illinois is a lovely village located in Cook County with a population practically 3,800 residents. Needlessly to say, South Barrington residents are constantly keen to increasing the magnificence of their residences and companies, and they typically seek out the assistance of 3D Brick Paving Co.’s industry professionals to assist with installing their new brick driveway, beautiful brick patio, or merely a brick walkways. Our really skilled staff members are able to include things like intricacy and elegance into every one of its brick paving initiatives and all reasonably priced! South Barrington clients have a complete understanding about brick paving being a fantastic way to add to their backyard living space. Even more, if South Barrington homeowners are intrigued about swapping their aged driveway with a state of the art brick driveway, they won’t hesitate and will get in contact with 3D Brick Paving Co.’s top notch design team. If it is a brick walkway they really want, 3D Brick Paving Co. will include things like it into their established brick paving. You will be impressed to know that 3D Brick Paving Co. has a “Complaint Free” rating from the most credible resource place – BBB; we’re also a Certified ICPA (Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute) Installer, and also regarded as an official service provider for each of Belgard and Unilock.

South Barrington Brick Patios

You will absolutely be in the perfect predicament when making use of 3D Brick Paving Co. by collectively putting together each one of the different parts of your task with the goal of producing the ultimate result when you’ve got us heading up your brick paving project. The South Barrington residence-owners are honestly serious about boosting the value of their homes, and just by simply developing a new brick driveway, beautiful brick patio, or merely a brick walkway; it will become obvious that these great choices will be the most cost-effective options for any homeowner to choose. When picturing about all-round quality, everything begins with the resources that is made use of, and 3D Brick Paving Co. is qualified of offering the best attainable possibilities of brick paving supplies when compared with others in the area. We are not only able of pleasing our South Barrington customers’ goals; we will with no doubt accomplish them! If you have been taking the time to search all for an appealing new brick driveway, splendid brick patio or simply a brick walkway, you will realize that 3D Brick Paving Co. is the only company you will always remember. It’s about time you see what we are talking about by giving us a call at (847) 297-7966 to talk about it with one of our 3D Brick Paving Co.’s leading specialists?



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